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Group & Club Cave Training Skills*By Raymond Bell* Course Description: The Group & Club Cave Training Skills course is designed to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills necessary for safe and effective caving. The course will cover various aspects of cave exploration, including cave formation, essential gear, belaying techniques, handlines, traverse lines, ladder and lifeline usage, as well as self-rescue and group rescue techniques. Additionally, participants will receive SRT (Single Rope Technique) training to develop proficiency in descending, ascending, and rope management during caving expeditions . All courses are for personal skills which will help an allow you to carry out caving with safe techniques , the skills courses will also give you the skills and knowledge “at a low cost” you need to carry out any awards later on with any Governing Bodies. Course Structure: same colour can be done along side each other. CAVE SKILLS LEVEL 1 Module 2: Assisted Belays and Methods (PRICE £50) extra items needed: 25-30m static rope, 2xHMS , s,m,l Slings , 3-5 Carabineers • Duration: 8-10 hours (1:6 or 2:8 ratio) • Different types of assisted belays and their applications • Knots required for assisted belays • Rigging and de-rigging the system • Safety considerations during belaying ****CHECK OUT MODULE 1 **** DO 1 & 2 TOGETHER OVER TWO DAYS


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