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Educational Caving Trips

Wanting to take some students from your school, sixth form, college or university on an educational caving visit in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland & Ireland?

You have come to the right place our team in the office will be able to help you with your enquiry and our instructors are very knowledgeable on the makeup of limestone, the local geology, cave formation, fossils and more.

More Info...

At Fermanagh Extreme Outdoors we know that learning outside of the classroom is crucial to a young person’s development and how transformational it can be for them to get involved in such activities.

From reward activities on site at your school, to motivational trips and activities that you can tie in to the curriculum at various locations across Fermanagh, Northern Ireland  & Ireland.

We cater for any organisation that works with young people.

Evidence shows that learning outside of the classroom can boost young people in a multitude of ways: improving their self-confidence, resilience and independence.

Activities involving problem solving and team building and can boost performance and positively change behaviour.

The activities can create life changing experiences for both the teachers/ leaders and young people and develop bonds which otherwise would not have existed.

We operate on a challenge by choice policy for all activities.

Our activity programmes are:

  • Educational

  • Safe

  • Engaging

  • Challenging

  • Fun

All our programmes and activities are designed with safety and the young people’s well-being as the top priority.

All of our staff/Guides are highly qualified and experienced in working with children from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities.

We are also more than happy to send you copies of our Risk Assessments and Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

Below are some of the various ways Fermanagh Extreme can engage the young people in learning outside of the classroom.

Some of the learning outcomes are listed below

  • Problem Solving

  • Creative thinking

  • Cooperation

  • Trust and support

  • Communication skills

  • Decision making

We keep our Wild Caving activity price really simple £35 per student/Young Person for the Half day & £50 for Full day Caving.

***Offer is for schools, Scouts or Clubs only

Min amount of 6 ppl for basic Horizontal Caving needed for this reduced price***

For over 15 year old groups that what have more ability to try some more challenging that involves some ladder climbing Group Ratio of 1:4 at a flat rate of £67.50 per person.

We can also provide water based caving trips in late spring and summer.

(Min age 8) Small water cave trip Ratio 1:8 max @ £50 per person

(Min Age 12) larger water cave trip Ratio 1:6 max @ £75 per person

A little more info ...

Caving? You must be kidding. Perhaps reconsider... Exploring caves isn't solely about tight, damp spaces. In Fermanagh offers something for everyone, boasting some of Northern Ireland's most exquisite and inspiring natural caves.

We provide caving experiences, allowing you to venture into a world few have ever explored.

Were you aware that the temperature beneath the Earth's surface remains a constant 10 - 12 degrees Celsius?


Over hundreds of thousands of years "Millions", carbonic acid, a combination of water and carbon dioxide, has gradually dissolved the limestone, giving rise to the caves we witness today. This process has sculpted a diverse subterranean landscape featuring areas of astonishing beauty and geological wonders like stalactites, stalagmites, columns, flowstone, and moon milk, all formed from calcite. You may even stumble upon ancient fossils down there.


Limestone took shape during the Carboniferous Period some 340 million years ago. Composed of the remains of deceased sea creatures and coral, it gradually formed layers of calcium carbonate through compaction over time, resulting in the limestone formations we observe today. In some parts of Fermanagh, limestone layers can be as thick as 200 meters, originating from the warm seas near the equator in South America and other places.


• Protective Helmet

• Head Torch

• Caving Coveralls

• Caving Belt

• Knee Pads

• Gloves

Upon booking, we'll connect with you through a call or messages to customize the experience according to your preferences. We'll also provide a recommended gear list along with any necessary instructions.

Caving in Fermanagh is a thrilling adventure that can be enjoyed throughout the year, with each experience lasting approximately three hours and available in the morning or afternoon.


Our caving adventures are suitable for individuals aged 6 and up, catering to all sizes and shapes.

Whether you prefer an easy stroll in the cave without tight squeezes, or if you're eager for short climbs, crawls, and navigating through mud and water, we have something for everyone. Caving makes for an exceptional team-building exercise, offers a rewarding personal challenge, and serves as an educational outing, especially for those studying geology.

It's a fantastic option for schools, clubs, groups, and families visiting Fermanagh on holiday or indeed if you already from here!

We hope you're now feeling at ease and eagerly anticipating your caving experience with us.

We strongly recommend that anyone visiting Fermanagh should explore the captivating underground world it has to offer.

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