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-Northern Ireland's Only Caving Hut-


As you visit Fermanagh for your caving, hiking, or climbing adventures, we offer convenient accommodation options for a one or two-night stay. You can choose between our on-site living quarters, The Hub, or the grass area at the rear where you can pitch a tent.

The Hub provides basic accommodation and features two sleeping rooms. Please remember to bring your own sleeping bag. Additionally, it offers a small cooking and eating area, a relaxing space, a hall, and a small toilet. We do have a shower available on-site as well.

During your stay, we kindly ask you to follow a few rules to ensure a pleasant and respectful environment:

When using The Hub:

  • Please remove dirty footwear or gear and use the designated kit dry room.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside The Hub; please use the provided ashtrays outside.

  • Avoid loud music or engaging in dangerous horseplay.

  • Please leave The Hub in the same condition you found it.

When camping:

  • Fires are not allowed; please utilize the designated fire pits instead.

  • Use the toilets provided and avoid using the garden area.

  • Dispose of litter in the designated bins.

  • Refrain from creating loud noise or shouting late at night.

If you require any additional information, feel free to request it, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Please note that the use of The Hub or pitching a tent in the designated area is free of charge, although donations to support the maintenance and operation are greatly appreciated.

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