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Comprehensive Rock Climbing Training

Embark on a comprehensive rock climbing training day that covers everything from beginner basics to advanced techniques. This full-day session is priced per person for 5 hours, with an option to extend at £20 per extra hour if needed. Please note, mastering all skills may require multiple sessions.

Training Details:

  • Duration: 5 hours (with option to extend)
  • Price: Per person
  • Equipment provided: All necessary gear included
  • Skills Covered: Tying in, knots, top and bottom roping, belaying, movement techniques, sport climbing, anchor setup, gear placements, lead climbing, traditional climbing (trad), single and double roping, abseiling, self-rescue techniques, bailing out strategies, rope management, and more.

Gain hands-on experience and personalized instruction to build your climbing proficiency. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our training ensures a solid foundation for climbing safely and confidently.

Rock Climbing Advanced

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