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Guided Wild Caving Adventure

Join your local guide for an unforgettable wild caving expedition in Fermanagh's captivating underground landscapes. Upon arrival, your guide will provide all necessary equipment for the day's adventure, including safety gear, spare items, and a dry bag for snacks and water.

Adventure Details:

  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Suitable for: Families, groups, clubs, scouts
  • Exploration: Navigate through narrow passages, mud chambers, avens, and rifts adorned with stunning formations
  • Activities: Experience squeezes, traverse through various passages, and crawl through mud
  • Group Size: Accommodates larger groups up to 30 people (contact for details)
  • Safety: Begin with a short safety briefing at the cave entrance led by your guide

Embark on an educational and thrilling journey underground, tailored to the abilities and fitness of your group. This adventure promises excitement and discovery in the heart of Fermanagh's unique cave systems.

Half Day Wild Caving Experience

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