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Group Waterfall Abseiling (Minimum 4 People)

Join us for an adrenaline-pumping waterfall abseiling experience! Additional participants beyond 4 are welcome at £10 per person, payable on the day. Meet your guide at the designated meeting point for a short walk to the site, where you'll receive a brief safety overview and get geared up.

Your guide will lead you to the top of the waterfall, where you'll be securely clipped in. After a demonstration and a practice run, you'll embark on your thrilling abseil (with a safety rope attached). Feel the rush as you descend into the water below—it's sure to take your breath away! Once at the bottom, unclip and shout "rope free" before gearing up for more excitement.

You can enjoy 3-5 abseils if you're up for it—there's no limit to the adventure! Don't forget to bring a change of clothes to stay comfortable after getting wet.

Waterfall Abseiling

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